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Reviews, Web Sites​

        These are some sites that are relatively complete or lead to other sites. The Atheist Sites Search offers this caution: "Most new websites survive for less than two years before disappearing. The main reason is that a large majority of new sites get very few visitors, ... Of course some are successful, and most of the resources listed in this directory have already survived for much longer than two years." For a list of about 1000 relevant Web sites both skeptical and apologetic, that existed in late 2015, see the endnotes of my book Christianity in Ruins. Some sites may have vanished between then and the release of the book in December 2016. Their nonpermanence is compensated by the convenience of use.

Atheist Sites Directory, http://www.atheistsites.net/#Top
        This site's 20 sections include some leadilng to other directories, such as Various Other Websites (http://www.atheistsites.net/#VW), Some Useful Resources (http://www.atheistsites.net/#LT), and Atheist Sites Search (http://www.atheistsites.net/#SS), which under Partial List of Approved Resources, lists about 70 sites about nonbelief.  There are thousands of atheism-related Web sites, which you might not expect; it is easy to get completely lost in this maze of sites, exploring them until doomsday. But more information is available, than anyone could use. This abundance may seem impressive but is negligible compared to the number of Christian sites. 

Carlson, Paul. New Testament Contradictions (1995) http://infidels.org/library/modern/paul_carlson/nt_contradictions.html

.        The title is self-explanatory but it offers more than one might expect. Topics include the birth of Jesus, the angel's message, the date and place of Jesus' birth, prophecies about Jesus, truth behind the prophecies, Jesus and John the Baptist, the Last Supper, Judas, Jesus' trial, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Ascension, Jesus' ancestry, the fig tree, the Great Commission, Paul's conversion, the Second Coming, causes of the contradictions, and differences between the teachings of Jesus and Paul. 

The Secular Web, http://infidels.org/org/
        An important resource, from which the list of US secular and atheist organizations was copied.
This list is based on http://infidels.org/org/national.html. I have omitted a few items; see the source for the complete list. The site lists secular organizations in many countries, including Europe, Africa, Asia, and other regions.


Runyan, Michael. 1333 Reasons Christianity is False, http://www.kyroot.com/?p=8 , October 2016 
        There are two major parts here: a compact list of all 1333 reasons (click on List of Reasons about 20 lines below the photo), presented in an arbitrary order. The list is also presented alphabetically. Clicking on any item in either list takes you to a detailed explanation. The second major part, actually part of the first, is another list, this one detailing the many killings done by Jehovah. There are 168 separate incidents, totaling about 25 million deaths, most in God's insane and impossible Great Flood. (The God of the Jews is also the God of Christians, who consider the Old Testament to be part of their divine revelation. Because Jesus supported the OT, he is complicit in these murders.) http://unitedcor.org/​

Schafersman, Steven D.   "Unraveling the Shroud of Turin," http://llanoestacado.org/freeinquiry//skeptic/shroud/as/schafersman.html

Secular Web Library, http://infidels.org/library/
        This vast resource is very valuable for skeptics, atheists, and nonbelievers of all sorts. Its library has three sections: written before 1970; post-1970 scholarly (7 major divisions); and post-1970 general interest (over 80 topics). Its stated purpose: "By providing information which is difficult to find elsewhere, the Secular Web has sought to level the playing field by offering arguments and evidence challenging supernatural beliefs. In an ocean of religious confusion, help us maintain a drop of sanity!"

Talk Origins Archive, The: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy, http://talkorigins.org/
        The first thing to note  is that, contrary to lies spread by Biblicists, there is no controversy among scientists. All accept the absolute truth of evolution, although there are disagreements about some details, as there is in almost all areas of scientific research. One may hear "Evolution is just a theory," in other words a vague hunch with no backing evidence. But theory as used in science is a firmly established explanation of a range of phenomena. Scientific theories include quantum theory, the theory of gravity, and the theory of electromagnetism. The primary goals of the archive are to provide well-established facts about the development of life and to rebut claims made by those who think the Bible is a scientific treatise. The site contains a large section on creationism and includes rebuttals to those arguments.

Thinking Atheist. Bible Contradictions, http://www.thethinkingatheist.com/page/bible-contradictions
        This site covers Biblical creation, the Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark and Flood, the Nativity, and Other Conflicts in Scripture. Every verse mentioned contradicts other verses. Very useful for nonbelievers who want to argue with literalist believers.

Valerie Tarico.com, https://valerietarico.com/
​        This site, by a therapist and former evangelical, has an extensive library of about 400 articles on religion, dating from 2006 to the present. She is an incisive questioner of all superstitions, especially Christianity. The interested reader will find much valuable material.

American Atheists
American Ethical Union
American Humanist Association
Americans for Religious Liberty
Americans United for Separation​

Atheist Alliance International
Atheists for Human RIghts
The Bertrand Russell Society
The Brights
Center for Inquiry (CFI)

Center for Naturalism
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI)
Council for Secular Humanism
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Freethought Action

Humanist Association
Humanist Institute
Institute for Humanist Studies
James Randi Educational Foundation
Military Assn. of and Freethinkers

National Center for Science Education
Nontheistfriends (a Quaker association.)
People for the American Way
Teaching About Religion (freethought)
Rational Response Squad

Secular Coalition for America
Skeptics Society
United Coalition of Reason