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Christianity in Ruins  (book)


ooooThis site complements but does not replace my book, Christianity in Ruins.. I encourage buying it because I want to get the word out to the public. As anyone not confined to jail or a cave knows, evangelicalism has immense power in the U.S., to the point where almost all those "aspiring" to political office must claim adherence to Judeo-Christianity. Anyone adhering to another faith would have a small chance of being elected, and any candidate admitting to being an atheist would have almost no chance.

ooooII'm aware that the "New Atheists" (Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, the late Christopher Hitchens, and the lesser-known late Victor Stenger) published books a few years ago which spread the atheist message. A few of those books made best-seller lists, but there is still lots of room for additional books and Web sites. Skeptical and anti-Christianity sites number in the hundreds but they are negligible compared to those advocating Christianity. I would like to make atheism more palatable to the general public than it is  now, and to demolish the myth that we nonbelievers cannot be trusted to behave morally.

About Steve Gray

oooI have degrees in engineering, mathemtics, and physics from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard. Following my education and a few years spent designing analog circuits and scanners, I spent six months in Northern Greenland helping to install a computer for a radar system. Then I was employed for many years designing computer hardware and software.

oooAfter leaving that job, my interests changed, and I became self-employed in computer graphics, house design and construction, mathematics (discrete geometry), and the relationship of science to religion. The latter occupies most of my time now. I disagree with the late evolutionist Stephen J. Gould's "non-overlapping magisteria" idea, an attempt to show that the two areas concern different issues and are compatible. I view the relationship as one of irreconcilable conflict.

oooI'm a confirmed atheist, and my knowledge of both science and Christianity allows me to maintain and defend my positions confidently. This knowledge, and my exposure to the claims of apologists, have convinced me that there is no objective truth to Christianity, and that its doctrines are incoherent. Virtually all arguments put forth by apologists and Christian philosophers are extremely weak. Almost any outsider first exposed to Christian doctrines, such as original sin and God killing his son to forgive  humanity, would think the ideas were utterly crazy.

oT To make the deficiencies of Christianity more apparent to the educated public, I proceeded to write Christianity in Ruins, a 935-page book covering many aspects of the religion and its failures. It took about eight years to write, and involved reading hundreds of books, both scholarly and popular, in addition to magazines, journals, and about 2000 Web sites. My goal is to help, even in a tiny way, to convince the public that Christianity is incoherent and not worth respect.

ooooI can be reached at [email protected].
Christianity in Ruins (book)